Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where To Get Deals On Makeup

If you love to wear makeup but hate to pay full price for your lipstick, mascara, compact, or blusher, not to worry. There are plenty of ways for the frugal shopper to enhance her loveliness without breaking the bank. Check out these ideas for finding low-cost makeup:

Use Coupons!

Plenty of makeup manufacturers offer great rebates and coupons. In fact, if you look through your department, pharmacy, and grocery store circulars each week to see what's on sale, you may actually be able to snag a great makeup deal. Consider this – if a concealer is typically $8, but is on sale for $6 and you have a coupon to save you $2, you'll only pay half (or $4).

Check Out Clearance Aisles

Most stores have an aisle or two devoted to the items that haven't sold well, and often those items include makeup. And don't worry – it's not all green eyeshadow and black nail polish. You can absolutely find some top-quality makeup in shades and colors you'll love. And some clearances are up to 90% off. Imagine buying a product that retails for $10 at a cost of $1! Wow!

Host a Party

Have a friend who sells makeup as a "side" business? Why not host a party for her? Mary Kay, Avon, and other makeup sales reps all love to reward the hostess with free gifts and "chits" for makeup purchases. You'll be able to use name-brand merchandise without having to spend much (if anything) at all.

Check Out Online Stores

There are some online merchants who sell top-end makeup for very little. First, see what you can find on the popular auction sites; next, type "cheap makeup" into your search engine. Again, you'll never know what's out there for a few bucks until you dig around! And it's worth the effort to make an awesome makeup find!

Look for Samples

At many high-end department stores, you can snag great makeup deals just by asking. As you peruse the makeup kiosks (such as Estee Lauder and Revlon), casually ask the sales staff if they have any makeup samples you could try. Often, the sample sizes are quite ample and may last for a while. It's a terrific way to reward yourself with some exceptional makeup for virtually nothing (except the cost to get to the store!)

Haunt Yard Sales

Believe it or not, you can find makeup at yard and garage sales! The only thing you have to be concerned about is making sure any makeup you purchase from these places has never been opened. Otherwise, the makeup could be contaminated with bacteria which could make your face break out. Also, look for expiration dates; sometimes, makeup at yard sales has expired. (That's why it's there.) But don't let this stop you – many a person has gotten rid of makeup she doesn't care for (or was given as a gift), and it'll be a reward for you!

By being a little innovative, you can find terrific ways to save on makeup.

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